What are runners?

These are the models that run your strategy. They have configurable properties like which market to run on, on what exchange, and on what resolution.

Actions performed by the runner are recorded as positions. Read more about position recording here.

Runners can perform different actions depending on how many entries it has. There are three actions available to a runner: enter (go short or long), add unit (pyramid into a position), and exit (either via strategy or via stop loss).

Number of entries

Available actions

N = 0


0 < N < max

add unit or exit

N = max


When a runner is live, strategy actions are performed based on it's resolution.

Action type

Default Interval

4 hour

Ran every 4 hours

2 hour

Ran every 2 hours

1 hour

Ran every 1 hour

Runners keep track of all related actions in the logs tab. Make sure to check this in order to understand and validate how the runner behaves.

Lastly, a runner has 3 different modes:




As the name suggests, no actions are being taken by the runner in this mode. Keep your runner inactive when developing strategies and running backtests.


Although actions are performed in this mode, it does not actually interact with the exchange. This is used to provide notifications which the trader can follow and execute manually.


Actions are performed and real buy and sell orders are executed on the exchange.