Measuring Performance

Each market action is recorded in our platform to provide monitoring and performance measurement.

Let's take a quick look at what positions look like for a runner that has been live since October 5.

There are a few pieces of information here.

1. Chart

The chart will display all positons within it's timeframe. Here's an example of a long position denoted by the dotted blue-ish line.

Entry points are denoted by small arrows:

And exit points are denoted by an outline circle.

The same holds true for short positions just with a different color.

2. Header

The header shows the following information:

  • Market

  • Exchange

  • Status

  • 1 Month Profit (computed starting a month ago)

  • 1 Week Profit (computed starting a week ago)

  • 1 Day Profit (computed starting 24 hours ago)

3. Positions

Positions show the following information:

  • Created at

  • Type (Short or Long)

  • Entries (The number of units added to a position)

  • Average Price (The average buying/selling price of each entry)

  • Total Size (The accumulated size of all entries within a position)

  • Closed (When a position is closed)

  • Closed Via (Why a position was closed)

  • Status (How profitable is a position)

Positions that are still open will not have the Closed, Closed Via, and Status fields.

Clicking on a position expands it further to show all it's entry details:

And click on an entry will show the logs for that specific action.