Going live

The steps below assume you already have the following:

  1. An account at one of our supported exchanges.

  2. An account balance of at least $1000 USDT (if you're on a 1% risk setting) to satisfy the exchange's minimum order size.

Failure to do any of the steps above will prevent your runner from operating properly.

To go live, We'll need to do two things:

1. First, we need to add our API keys to the platform. Go to the Settings page and enter the api key and api secret from the exchange where you want your strategy to run on.

2. Once you're done, go back to your runner's settings page and set it's status to live. The strategy attached to your runner will now be ran at an interval based on the resolution you specified. ie. If you put in a 1 hour resolution, your strategy will be ran every hour.