Finding a profitable strategy

Markets are always in a state of flux. We made sure that the platform has the ability to allow users to keep their strategy up to date via:

1. Easily adjustable strategy & runner parameters.

  • Runners can be modified any time. Changing any setting will make the runner inactive and close any open positions.

  • Modifying a strategy will make all attached runners inactive and close their positions.

2. Change logging & tracking.

  • Each modification is tracked on the runner log page whether the change be for a strategy or the runner itself.

Take advantage of our drag and drop strategy builder and try out new strategies. You don't need to run them live immediately, always run a couple of backtests to make sure that your strategy behaves as expected.

We're constantly adding more indicators and features to our variable builder as well so stay tuned!

Let's tacke the markets together. See you there.